KoreLogic's Password Cracking Contest at DEF CON

Contest Downloads

A torrent of a large (6.2 GB) encrypted image of an Active Directory Domain Controller is available here: DEFCON.ova.xz.pgp.torrent.

passphrase: 3d_:6:_]YehUkS4[geK5^=qT6M4Y:4uKFjVe6vgp The oldest history entries from the domain are also available broken out:





Extracted hashes for history3 will be released after the contest has been running for 12 hours.

Pro Teams should extract, crack, and submit every hash you can find in the image; get started with those history[56] while you work.

Street Teams should only crack and submit history3 - history6. You can just work off the exported files and wait for the rest to drop, or also download the image and extract from it. But do not waste cycles on history[0-2], they are worthless to you.

Note: Test-hash submissions have closed, since the contest will start soon.

Be sure you have read what and how to submit your cracks.